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Stump Removal Glen Waverley

Stump Extraction is an ideal sample of why it is essential to recruit a competent arborist rather than attempting to take care of a stump on your own. You could have tried cutting the stump, but after a few months, those roots will spread and generate new ones annually. Roots can penetrate even concrete and cause harm to lawns and gardens around the region. When left discarded, they may also pass into adjacent waterways, potentially damaging them. Stumps possess the same troubles as trees and, if not correctly cut, could leave behind substantial amounts of soil that you must dispose of suitably. Hiring professionals to deal with the issue guarantees both safety and effectiveness.

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Stump Grinding Glen Waverley

Another option when the stumps are too bulky or too profound for extraction is grinding the stump rather than taking it out. Grinding is a clear-cut process where the entire stump is ground down into tiny wood chips using a grater. As a result, the stump is complete, leaving no crevices that require topping off, and the resultant mulch can be taken advantage of as manure in your garden. Furthermore, there’s no substantial, potentially hazardous hole after grinding, so any labour to dispose of the stump is completed and doesn’t necessitate extra concentration.

We, as a professional stump grinding company at Glen Waverlay decide if it’s necessary to remove the stump or if you can take care of it with a grinder.

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